Advantages of Serigrafia

Ink transport is presented by the UV screenprinting. Because of a frame that moves on the workpiece. By way of a physician blade, the colors are passed with UV printing skill, to then put on the thing. Serigrafia provides results for each cycle with the experience accrued to the brand new creation of UV ink and over the last few years. To get prints that are perfect, we frequently advise the printing decoration that’ll acclimatize it to be submitted by the purchaser.

The satisfaction of beauty, the idea of detail, the obsession with quality” made in Italy” have sold over seas the Indeco skills across the earth. At the digital age, their skills made re discover the attractiveness of the artifact to look and touch. The quality of InDeco Serigrafia products and services could be a fundamental right of their client, a crucial requirement. A fast, easy, and touchable yet complicated if not codified from the manufacturing process with extensive procedures, which guarantee strict controls. The variant to the UNI EN ISO 2859-1 standards has generated.

The machinery in years has grown. Gratitude into the Serigrafia line that enable you prints a thing in three colors with a single overhaul in range. The feature comes with an effect on printing costs which will be normally less than your rivalry.To find additional information on Serigrafia kindly visit Indecoserigrafia

The last advantage of this UV screenprint signed In.deco Serigrafia is that your capability to build up colors internally. It enables us to replicate colors for several kinds of this piece. For an example of that is your pencil. We can create a replica of the exact same color. In contrast to any other printing techniques, UV screenprinting will not always have issues.

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